We help remote teams understand their objectives

We spoke to 130 remote companies and 32% of them complained about not understanding their objectives.

Meet Helm

We give remote teams a space to articulate and commit to objectives.

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Turn a great strategy into results

Successfully bridge the gap between strategy & execution through clear, measurable objectives

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Keep everyone focused on what matters

By clearly defining important goals and expectations to be accomplished by the business each quarter, your team know where the focus lies

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By setting objectives that everybody is able to see, you let your team know the direction that the business is headed and the important steps that will take it there.

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Create alignment, clarity and job satisfaction

A two year Deloitte study found that no single factor has more impact than "clearly defined goals that written down and shared freely...Goals create alignment, clarity and job satisfaction "

Set clear objectives that eveyone can see

How can we help you grow ?

As a remote organization, sterring through a growth may be on of the hardest things especially when everyone is not under one roof.

We'd like to chat with you, help you brainstorm the right objectives for employees so that you can achieve your milestones.

Keep it simple

One of the biggest complaints we've heard about software tools from employees is that they are too hard to use and almost always have a learning curve.

Most of the time this leads to software death internally. We're designing so that the UX is seamless and remote employees enjoy updating each other.